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Validol 10 tab
By ICN LekSretstva - Russia
Validol 10 tab
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SKU #: HA-914
Expiration Date: 01/2030
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 Validol 10 tab 

Validol produces a sedative effect, and has a moderate reflex and vascular dilative action caused by the stimulation of sensitive nerve endings. At sublingual administration the effect is produced in five minutes and 70 % of the preparation is released in 3 minutes. Use in cases of heart disease (cardialgia), angina, motion sick-ness, nausea, vomiting when seasick or airsick, hysteria, nervousness and headaches from taking nitrates.

Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity.

Recommended dosage:
Place tablet under the tongue and let dissolve completely. Take 1 tablet 2 to 3 times daily. The frequency and duration of treatment depends upon effectiveness of the remedy. When no relief appears 5 to 10 minutes after first dosage, repeat treatment.

Side effects include:
nausea, dizziness, and tearing of the eyes.

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Validol 10 tab

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